Seven Mental Blocks

That Keep Great Musicians From Pursing Their Art And Unlocking Their True Potential

This guide is a culmination of over twenty-five years of teaching students, and hacking all of the problems that kept them from advancing into the players they wanted to be. After all of the trial and error, I narrowed down the seven most common problems that my students experienced, and have distilled them down into this guide. If you are having trouble progressing in your musicianship, you will recognize yourself in this guide, and even get some enlightenment to encourage you onward and forward in your journey. 

Do you spend a lot of time thinking that you are just a “bad player”, and you’ll never get it? Do you lack confidence in your ability to learn all that you want to learn?


Are you scared of wasting time practicing because you don’t think you’ll keep it up? You know in your brain that if you practice every day you will get better - but you don’t truly believe it will work for you? I once had no faith in myself to continue the process, to keep going until I got better.

I spent years trying to figure out how to play blues piano. I had some background, I knew all the chords, I knew some theory - but try as I might, I couldn’t get to the next level. I wasted many nights scouring the internet, sometimes spending three or four hours just to get one little scrap of information that would help me get better. If I had to watch one more youtuber teaching me the blues scale, I thought I’d go crazy. Does this sound familiar to you?

I spent a lot of time comparing myself to other piano players, and thought it just wasn’t fair they could play some of that stuff when I was stuck where I was.


If you waste time, make excuses, and sometimes let fear run your life and keep you from getting what you really want, don't wait too long, or let too much time pass without working on​ your gifts. 

I found what I was looking for, and I want to show you what I learned. Schedule a call with me and let's figure out together what is holding you back, and how to finally break through the barriers.

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Ron Yarman, Solo Artist

Matt is very straightforward with practical application, not only about keyboards, but with a real life assessment of yourself. Looking forward to the many lessons to come.

David Miller, Musician

Man can this guy play the keys!!! On top of that his professionalism and music knowledge are off the charts. He will always go the extra mile when explaining things to make sure you fully understand it.

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Dan Shreve, Producer & Musician

I turn to Matt any time I have a question about keyboard parts or music theory. Consulting with him has been invaluable to me as a musician and as a producer.

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