Are you struggling to play the blues?

I teach you how to make your blues sound like the blues. 
Watch the video to find out how.
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Do you want to the ability to seriously jam on blues, rock, funk, boogie, and more?

Real Clear Keyboards is the PROVEN HYBRID of online lessons and private instruction. 

Who is this course for?


Blues is the ROOT of so much of what we hear today and it will continue this way indefinitely. The lessons you learn in this blues piano course will transfer to many different styles you will play in the future. 

Most people miss this key point: you could spend years and a lot of $$$ trying to learn this stuff, and still not be happy with the result. I don't want you to waste your money or your effort. I've had students who were relieved when they finally found out they could do this. My mission is to get the news about this course out to EVERYONE who has been searching for this sound in their playing. I am passionate about the FACT that if you have the desire to learn blues keyboards, it's possible for you!  


I spent years trying to figure out how to play blues piano. I had some background, I knew my chords, I knew some theory - but try as I might, I couldn’t get to the next level. I wasted many nights scouring the internet, sometimes spending three or four hours just to get one little scrap of information that would help me get better, and I almost always came up empty-handed. If I had to watch one more youtuber teaching me the blues scale, I thought I’d go crazy. Does this sound familiar to you?

Why this course exists:


Over the years as my students came to me with this problem, I was unable to help them, and in fact I felt the same way about my own blues playing. So I set out on my own journey of listening and learning, and I extracted the essence of the sound of dozens of blues piano players from 1919 to today, figured out what they all had in common that made them sound so good, and turned that into this course. 

I answered the question after 5 years of working on it. What makes the blues sound like the blues? I ended up with this course, the knowledge I discovered in my journey condensed into six hours of video - 38 lessons on how to make your blues sound organic and genuine.


What you will learn in this course:

  • The building blocks of the blues - what they are and how to use them

  • How to comp like a pro

  • Amazing insights on the versatility of the blues scales

  • How to improvise solos ANYWHERE, ANYTIME over ANY music

  • The big, bad secret about blues licks. 

  • How to create your own amazing blues licks

What you will get out of this course:

  • Play with confidence in any situation

  • Blues backing tracks to play over - yours to keep forever!

  • Inspirational lessons will help your overall understanding of musicianship

  • Music theory you can use for the rest of your life

  • *Access to my mini-course "How to Practice" which will enhance your playing immediately

One to one coaching is available on the course page.


For those serious students looking for clarity, I do offer coaching through any difficult portions of the program. 

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"I turn to Matt any time I have a question about keyboard parts or music theory. Consulting with him has been invaluable to me as a musician and as a producer."


Dan Shreve, Musician and Owner (Riptide Studio)

Naples, Florida

"Matt is very straightforward with practical application, not only about keyboards, but with a real life assessment of yourself. Looking forward to the many lessons to come."

Ron Yarman, Solo Artist 



"His simple lessons improved my approach, solos, and creativity in practice and live performances. His understanding of theory - put in very simple terms - is of value to every upcoming student/performer."

Ron Stephens, Pro Musician (Roots INI)



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Hey everybody!

If it bothers you that you are not getting better, then you owe it to yourself to change. Nobody will make the decision for you. If you want to be different, it’s up to you. Where are you going to be five or ten years from now? How well will you play?


You can’t just assume that you will get better. If you don’t take the steps to do this, just look at the last five years of your life and you will see what the next five years will be like. You are totally okay the way you are, but ONLY if you are satisfied with your current keyboard skills. Make a promise to yourself that the next five years will be different.

Don't wait until you are "ready" and don't wait until you are inspired. Change doesn't happen tomorrow, or even today. Change happened yesterday. 

I’m going to be honest with you here, this process of becoming who you want to be does take effort. But it’s not complex and it’s NOT time consuming. This effort comes with little steps you take every day instead of huge mounting tasks that will soon overwhelm you. Following my process, anyone can do this, from a 7 year old to a 107 year old.

The days of having to “be talented” or spending two or three hours practicing every day ARE OVER. My process and mindset coaching will get you results in as little as twenty minutes a day. No more three hour practice sessions, leaving you exhausted and wondering how you are going to keep this up. These long, boring practice sessions are no way to learn your instrument. 

My method is exciting, fun, and enlightening. It's also simple and step-by-step. Once the pressure is off, you can relax and enjoy the process of learning how to express yourself on the keyboards in ways you never imagined. 

Looking forward to meeting you!

Matt Bennett

Piano/Organ/Keyboard Coach

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